Behavior Change Specialists

BehaviorLab helps you achieve effective and lasting change through behavior focused processes and communication

Key Areas of Expertise



What does it take to change the behavior of leaders and employees? We help you identify the conditions that are key to influencing and changing core behaviors in your organization
and develop processes and communication to make change happen.



What do employees really need from leaders in order to succeed with tasks, initiatives and improvements? We help you identify and implement the core leadership communication behaviors that will make a difference.

Team / Group


Work is social; what we think and do is highly influenced by the people around us. Leaders and employees learn, improve and act when they discuss, decide and do things together. We help you develop processes and communication to engage and drive improvement initiatives in teams, whether in physical, hybrid, or digital arenas.


& Security

People make mistakes. Errors happen. What are the key drivers to strengthen safety and security behaviors in your organization? With a Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) based approach we help you develop processes and communication to support learning and improvement within safety and security.

Storytelling & Multi

Channel Content

How do you create brain-friendly content and use strategic storytelling to help leaders and employees learn and improve? We use research-based blended learning formats and deliver multi channel content to drive change.


& Analysis

How can you translate insight into action? Start by making sure you’re measuring the right things. We help you develop and implement measurement initiatives focusing on behaviors and business value.

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Anine Stiansen

Anine Stiansen

CEO & Behavior Change Specialist

Keith Munkejord

Keith Munkejord

Ph.D. Organizational Communication & Behavior Change Specialist

Lasse Kringen

Lasse Kringen

Creative Director

Ane Berg

Ane Berg

Junior Consultant

Linn Elise K. Bjerkeli

Linn Elise K. Bjerkeli

Senior Consultant